Martin Bisi Interview

What are your recollections of recording the EVOL album? Did the band come prepared or was there a lot of writing and experimentation in the studio?

Bands came into the studio well prepared back then, period. I don't even need to scour my memory regarding EVOL. Although rehearsal space was relatively cheap, studio time was much more expensive and recording time was rare, unlike now where people are continuously recording at home and the lines between demo, released record, and even rehearsal are blurred.

Where the experimentation took place was in guitar layering, vocal overdubs like in the bridge of “Shadow Of A Doubt”, and general effects and found sounds like in “In The Kingdom #19”. These were things that necessitated overdubbing, and therefore hard to fully prepare for in those days.

The mixing was a real exploration - what 'kind' of record, and ultimately what kind of band would this be? They were generally interested in breaking the common conception of what a New York…